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5 Simple And Affordable Bedsides

5 Simple And Affordable Bedsides | Truwud

A bedside box or table is an unsung hero who keeps your nighttime necessities within reach, and on the other hand, bedside boxes or tables can also be helpful for home decor. Simple and affordable bedsides can be used to put plants and mirrors on their surface that work as decor during the day. Bedside tables have been used in our day to day life. Some have doors or drawers where you can charge your phone, or some can be useful to keep your nighttime reads near you.

Let’s talk about 5 simple and affordable bedsides !

TruWud manufactures tables in different styles, so you can easily find a bedside table to match your other bedroom furniture.

Adara wooden bedside table

Adara wooden bedside box by TruWud, lets you store your books and other nighttime necessities just near you while also helping you organize your charging cables and other sensitive items in the wooden smooth sliding drawer.

It’s a simple yet vibrant colour perfect for decorating your bedroom by letting the indoor plant sit on the surface of the table. It is also suitable to put your photo frame and vases to decorate your bedside table.

5 Simple And Affordable Bedsides - Adara Wooden Bedside

Prima wooden bedside table

A high table is just as convenient with your bed and for a side table by your favourite armchair. Prima wooden bedside tables are made from sustainably sourced solid wood, like the other furniture in the TruWud portfolio.

It comes with three smooth-running drawers that update your bedside storage, making it the best accessory to hold your nighttime necessities: Its white and walnut colour pairs well with your other mid-century furniture.

5 simple and affordable bedsides - Prima Wooden Bedside

Alpine bedside table

The Alpine bedside box or table is an elegant bedside table that stands on slender, shapely legs, and it is the ideal companion during the night. It is the perfect place for an arm clock, an ideal book and all the other things that you need to have your hand on.

This simple and affordable bedside box or table is perfect for a minimalist home style. It has a solid structure made of engineered wood in a modern yet simple style, and its matte black finish emits a perfect classic look for your bedroom.

5 Simple And Affordable Bedsides - Alpine Bedside

Jupiter solid wood bedside table

Jupiter solid wood bedside table is handcrafted in India by a team of expert makers, and the collection has its roots in craftsmanship tradition. Jupiter solid wood bedside tables guarantee to make a style statement while fitting seamlessly into any interior.

Its crisp white drawers are beautifully polished and made of solid acacia wood. It is known for its strength, durability, and distinctive appearance.

5 simple and affordable bedsides | Jupiter Solid Wood Bedside - truwud

Nicol solid wood bedside table

The Nicol solid wood bedside table is a handy companion for storing books, magazines, or a glass of water by your bed. It fits right in, whether it’s the bed or next to the armchair, made from solid rosewood in a tasteful modern style. A hard-wearing natural material that adds a feeling of warmth to your room. It stands on slender, shapely legs. If you can’t keep your eyes open any longer, simply lay your book on the shelf. Hide smaller items that generally gather dust inside the drawer, look excellent with the other solid wood furniture and match the vibe of your bedroom.

5 simple and affordable bedsides - Nicol Solid Wood Bedside