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Personalize your home just the way you like it with us- the team of Truwud! It’s the stylish touch of a home that lets your particular taste in fashion come through. Choose from our elegant section of large art prints that can be displayed to match your walls. Or check out all the frames that can be packed with your beloved photos and prints to create a memory screen. The glass-enclosed display set shows your favorite artefacts and souvenirs and makes a great conversation starter.

And few other excellently placed floral decoration balls add colour and shape to any space. Check out the woven vase to provide a retro vibe to your room, and then fill it with a synthetic bouquet from the Truwud compilation to add a little bit of softness and romance to your rooms. And when love is in the air, light up our fragrant candles to hang on to the romantic feeling. And for some maintenance-free leafy friends, create a green corner in your home with realistic potted plants.

Revamp your house with Lavish home Decor with Truwud! Home is what you’re doing for it to make it feel like home! Transform your house’s four walls into some home with aesthetic decor, making it a place for moments to be cherished. Home Decor has existed in India since royal times. Palaces or mud houses, they both liked to decorate their homes back then. Home Decor plays a crucial role in creating your home’s atmosphere and climate. A single shift of colour or lighting can affect. Before going to a home makeover, it’s important to consider the style you like, the Decor items that blend in, and the positioning of these objects to prevent stuffing. If your style is retro, you can go for a traditional or contemporary decor theme. You choose to follow the patterns, so a new or contemporary style is the perfect option. Remember, your home decor is the expression of your personality.

Truwud aims at redefining your overall furniture shopping experience by just making the purchase process smooth, simpler, less time consuming, and of course, the most affordable one. You are provided with many decor options that you can choose from at Truwud. It is not just about home decor online, but it is getting some good experiences with the best quality raw material and the trendiest designs; that too at the most affordable prices. Are you running out of design ideas for your home? Do too many themes confuse you? Don’t fear because Truwud is here. We at Truwud provides a premium variety of living, bedroom, dining, outdoor, decor, and entryway furniture. So, what you are waiting for? Explore now and get the best of everything!