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Dining is the place where everyone in the house gathers. Everyone in the family sets a relief at the table and enjoys dining with their family. Dining is the central part of life in which they collect several memories during dinner. Everyone in the family considers it a good gesture that they show towards the family. If you are looking for the most affordable kitchen & dining furniture in India, you are at the right spot!

As dining is always believed over decades, it provides satisfaction and fullness for the family members, as primary women always stay at home and look after the household work. They consider it only fulfilled when the head of the family arrives and spends time with them, so they believe dinner is an opportunity to spend time with the family. Even dining time is also considered the biggest stress booster for the family’s head after their hectic work.

To begin with, a brief description of the dining amenities at a lower price in the Indian market. Truwud is the biggest platform for all the buyers who think that dining should be the most beautiful place to decorate it. This is the place as well, which makes the environment so friendly and considered family time. Though this family time is precious, this precious part should be more relaxing and calm, with good and most affordable kitchen & dining furniture in India to make them feel their inner comfy.

A few items make them feel that the kitchen & dining furniture give a feeling of comfort and luxury at the cheapest cost. Truwud has products that you can get at a more affordable price according to your preferences, at your doorstep. So the products are not only satisfactory, as they are also made according to the expectations of each individual.

We have brought these amenities to varied individuals by being in their thought process to make their dining feel comfortable from within the heart to make them always as relaxing as possible.

The following are the most affordable kitchen & dining furniture, each with a brief description:

1. Acamar Metal Dining Chair Set Of 2

This is the most effective chair that this online platform has given to their customers according to the customer’s preference, which always urges. They always prefer the most comfortable zone and gain at a lower cost with the best quality. To acquire all the things simultaneously, the online platform provides all-in-one availability.

This is made with the most stylish, lightweight, and comfortable metal, which has long-lasting durability for this product. This product is the most efficient product for the customer with the 12×13×33 in inches, which is the (length × width × height). It has a stylish color with an unbeatable price, powder-coated white, at least 8499/-, which we think is the best product for the customers.

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This is the special cupboard made especially for those Indians who prefer the ancient style. It looks as if the antique piece got displayed in modern ways. The most important thing is the expectation for every customer to see the things used by their grandmother, but it is the most stylish way with all the best interiors. So this is the most exotic product brought to the customer at a cost-effective price in the easiest way of getting it from the comfort at home.

This is the product with the extensive interior work to get all the kitchen amenities to fit in. this product has the liking of the Indian and is made by keeping their expectation in mind. It has 36×15×50 in inches, which is the (length × width × height). This product has been made with Mango Wood, with the Metal: mild, with the stylish powder-coated black.

Though this color black shows the most helpful and stylish accessories made for the kitchen, it gives a significant preference. Though many see the price to make things more attractive, things should be bound at a reasonable cost to drive people to adore things. This is the most effective cost of 17,999/- which can be brought at our online store.


As we think of the wooden bar chairs and how they will help in their ways, then we can use them effectively in the home. To make it more effective in our houses, we have to think of places to be used and help the people in the family.

The significant advantage of the product and its most effective way is that it allows us to know about the ease with which the work can be done. It has durability, and it gives a stylish look when seated in the chair. Most modern-day people think of the contemporary and its durability, and the weight it can resist. All aspects are considered and compiled in our manufacturer’s thought process and brought to the customer’s view.


This chair is 20×20×40 in inches (length × width × height) with a more costly wood Rose Wood with soft Metal. It has the distinctive color of powder-coated black. Though we think of the price because of the wood used, our platform’s primary aim is to provide customer satisfaction with a cost-effective product. This product is available at the cost of 3,199/-.

This elegant-looking chair is one of the most affordable kitchen & dining furniture in India and dining amenities in India.


This is the most exclusive barstool made in all the efficient ways to surprise or amuse our ongoing customer satisfaction. These metal bar stools provide extreme pleasure with them.

Though this product adheres to the most stringent things in handling, it always helps us feel the richness and style in which it is made.

This product is made in a cost-effective way, of 4999/- with 20×20×40 in inches (length × width × height) with the striking colour of powder-coated black with METAL: mild steel, which gives a fine finish and is satisfactory for the customer upon viewing the product.


This is a fine finish stool made for the youngster’s current trend to wish to sit in the most different and modern way while looking when in such a profound chair.

This is the main idea of our aim in producing product in such a way to attract the customer in their expectation. This chair is 16×16×20 in inches (length × width × height) with a velvet cushion that attracts a weightless metal that can be easily carried, especially for parties. This product is at a very meagre cost of 2999/- only for our excellent prevailing customer prevailing in the world.

You can also buy a bar cabinet in Bangalore.


This is an entire cupboard that adores as much as possible among the customers in the online platform as ours. This wooden cabinet is designed to the more spacious than it could be and make it a more alluring product for the customer. This product tends to be more productive for the customer because they make it based on more customer expectations.

It has a entice for every customer when they take this product as it avails us with the most extreme space of covering both the area for the kitchen amenities and the bathroom accessories. This is of 34×18×60 in inches (length × width × height) made of the magnificent mango wood with a dazzling blue color which adores much with an unbeatable cost in the Indian economy of 28,799/-

Are you looking to buy a bar cabinet in Mumbai? We heard you!


This is the alluring wooden cabinet that is available on our online platform. Though this is the product, especially for the bar items, many people want to buy it to keep antique pieces they collect from different parts of the world they travel.

This wooden cabinet is meant for the most effective use for India’s people because of the people who try to adapt to the modern culture at every point. This product is made of rosewood with a fascinating color of walnut, and it is 45×20×30 in inches (length × width × height). It is more cost-effective, though it is made with efficient wood. Thus this product cost 29,999/– with a nice finish and satisfactory outcome for the consumers.

Acer Solid Wood Bar Cabinet 5 | Truwud


This fascinating product allows the customer to enjoy their meal in the most comfortable and relaxing manner. This has only one aim: to provide the most comfortable and efficient way to have dinner with their family and cherish every moment spent dining. You can expect it to be one of the most affordable kitchen & dining furniture in India.

However, this provides a handful of memories and talks with the family, which is the most effective. This is the main criteria in which it has been designed with unbeatable prices in India compared to other platforms.

We have the main motive of providing customer satisfaction in the most effective way possible. It is set with 35×60×35 in inches(length × width × height) with a most magnificent color of powder-coated black in Pine Wood and soft Metal. This platform provides us with a budget-friendly of just 24,300/-.

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