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Creative Ways To Brighten A Dark Room With Truwud Lamps

Creative Ways To Brighten A Dark Room | Truwud

Figuring out how to brighten up a dark and gloomy room in a creative way is always a challenging responsibility. This is relevant if you have a new place void of large windows to allow natural light in. Luckily there are several easy and creative ways to decorate the darker space to transform it into a brighter abode. 

Finding the perfect level and angle of lighting can be challenging and fun at the same time. It is also true for almost every interior design style out there. 

Get creative and experiment with your home lighting levels and angles so that they could be uniquely crafted for different areas of the home; depending on the needs and requirements of each area of the home, select ways to brighten up the environment that acts according to the decor theme and purpose of the room. TruWud offers a wide variety of options to choose from.

Here are the creative ways to brighten a dark room with Truwud lamps to give elegance to your place:

Place mirrors near light sources

Although it is a bit of age-old advice to use mirrors to expand and reflect visual space to brighten up a dark room, to use your mirrors to their fullest of creativity and potential, make sure to place them near a light source strategically. Placing a mirror near a window can amplify natural lighting and diversify light rays into every corner of the room. Similarly, placing a table or floor night lamps next to a mirror can also have a similar effect. 

Creative Ways To Brighten A Dark Room With Truwud Lamps - Fallax Floor Lamp

Exquisite style designs of mirrors by TruWud is a creative way to decorate your house in themselves. Transform your space with stunning modern and contemporary mirror designs. TruWud offers the most optimum combination of aesthetics, variety, dimensions and functionalities. For the best result, TruWud makes sure that the night lamp emits a perfect blend of ambient lighting, assuring it’s not too bright when reflected off the mirror.

Incorporate ambient light sources

If you’re looking to add just a touch of light without overdoing the execution and luminosity of the space, you should try to decorate your space with TruWud night lamps; not only will they offer just the right touch of ambient lighting, but they will also add a tremendous charm and therapeutic feel to your space. TruWud night lamps have an abstract shade with warm, yellow light, a perfect blend of electric and sophisticated decor for your home. 

Lamps create an intimate, flexible addition to the lighting scheme with ambience lighting. Lights can make a shocking style statement and spectacular accent in their creative way. Floor lamps can also be used to layer lighting for decor purposes. Not only floor night lamps, but Truwud also have a diversified range of lights, including wall lamps and table lamps, hanging lamp which are born out of a love of architecture. If one can find the best lamps and furniture at reasonable prices. We provide free shipping on all orders across India, so why wait, get floor lamps in Mumbai, Delhi or Bangalore, absolutely free of delivery charges.

Creative Ways To Brighten A Dark Room With Truwud Lamps - Teal Floor Lamp

Aim your lights at the walls or ceiling

Instead of simply aiming your lights ordinarily, try illuminating them to the walls or ceiling. The purpose is to have a bright light focused on a narrow area on the floor or a soft ambient light that offers accent luminosity. You can do this with a TruWud wall or floor lamp. When you narrow down the walls/ceiling with light, brighten up every corner of the room with a warm abstract glow, making it feel cosy yet spacious.

As you can see, learning how to brighten your darkroom creatively is undoubtedly a challenging task, but also fun and creative at the same time, because you’re not just limited to adding mirrors and lamps to every surface! Give any of these a try; we would love to see the results.