Explore An Exquisite Bar Cabinet In Mumbai At Best Price

With arrival cold season knocking on our doors, and the year quickly coming to a close, chances are you are in need of a place to store your newfound liquor collection. Meet the bar cabinet, the middle child between sideboards and bar carts. There is even an extra set of shelves in the doors for additional storage. For those of you having a difficult time deciding which direction to take your home bar design, I reached into every corner of the internet to bring you the most clever and unique ideas to keep in mind when designing your favorite room.

Buy Bar Cabinet in Mumbai

Bar cabinet in Mumbai by Truwud, makes a perfect investment piece of furniture since they are designed to tuck away all your libation-related goods, and add a beautiful decorative element to your home. The standing bar cabinet in Mumbai has an antiqued mirror finish and brass details that add a touch of shimmer and shine to a home while the interior is painted blue. Like a little treasure chest of liquid wonders, this high-quality cabinet has quite a few hiding spots.

The Truwud made bar Cabinet in Mumbai is more eclectic than you might think the round silhouette recalls the shape of classic circular Chinese shelving, while the woven cane has a mid-century modern flair. In its charcoal color, the cabinet lends well to a Western-style black bar cabinet, while in its natural color, it would fit perfectly at home in a Bohemian-style space. When you open the doors to the drum, you will find two fixed shelves for liquor bottles as well as storage for wine bottles. The frame also has a bonus shelf, which is great for decor items like vases or some faux greenery.

Inside, storage isn’t just limited to the two shelves and wine rack and there are stemware holders in the ceiling panel, as well as four shelves on the interiors of the doors. It might be a small cabinet, but it holds far more than you might expect. There is something timeless about the streamlined furniture from the era that fits perfectly with contemporary décor. It can also be locked for extra security, so you can rest assured that your liquor is protected. Books and bottles are comparable in size, making library shelves great pieces of home bar furniture for your type of king-size bar cabinet.

Ideal to display next to your new liquor cabinet, this sign will let everyone know you have got the coolest home bar in the neighborhood! No home bar is complete without some signage. This personalized bar cabinet in Mumbai city by Truwud, signs are the best, get one or two and personalize them with your name so everyone knows whose bar they are visiting. For the musically inspired drinker, this home bar cabinet in Mumbai by Truwud is a must and will keep your guests talking! Install a little basin in one of the stools and you’ll get one of the most unique wet bar cabinets in Mumbai. You can also look for other TRUWUD products in Mumbai such as Floor Lamps, Wall Shelf, Coffee Tables.