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Adara Wooden Bedside Set Of 2

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Addax Metal Bedside Set Of 2

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Alpine Bedside Set Of 2

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Asahikawa Solid Wood Bed

Truwud- Buy Bedside table in India
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Banger Table

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Bernard Solid Wood Bed

Truwud- Buy Beds online in India
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Truwud- Buy Beds in India
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Boxer Solid Wood Bed

Truwud- Beds online in India
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Burnet Solid Wood Bed


Get your room styled from Truwud in the trendiest way possible. Who doesn’t want his bedroom to be unique and distinct from their friends and neighbours? It isn’t very pleasant to listen to someone calling your home decor as common. So, we are here to help you out with this. We at Truwud design our furniture in such a way that you will never lose the ongoing trends. We try to create a mixed version of antiques as well as modern-day furniture sets to ensure foreverness.

The bed is the main highlight of any room, and intrinsically, it ought to lean the eye it deserves.

It would be best if you took some time while choosing a bed for your area as it will be forming a vital part of your bedroom’s decoration. Size is usually an essential issue since it’ll verify your overall comfort and freedom during your sleep. And believe us, we have every variety that you can think of, with utmost comfort as well as the most elegant designs, that are surely going to brighten up your bedroom, no matter what! And of course, not only with the variety in beds, we at Truwud are very well acquainted with every distinct furniture item of the bedroom. From a side table that is a room essential with several versatile uses to a nightstand that is an excellent and irreplaceable substitute for a side table, to a relaxing bedroom chair, which becomes a necessity if you are fond of reading, we have everything for you! This vast range is actually never going to end. Constant additions and sales occur every year, making the manufacturing dynamic and trendy!

Buy those Bedroom Furniture Sets that can add a style to your home interior, and you need not have compromise on comfort. Getting the best and most suitable wooden furniture is of utmost importance to get that glorious charm you wish for. Explore our beautiful assortment of bedroom furniture and get ready to redecorate the most favourite part of your sweet home with us! And choose whatever you like for your comfort space! So, what are you waiting for? We at Truwud provides a premium variety of living, bedroom, dining, outdoor, decor, and entryway furniture.