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Buy Bedroom Furniture Online in India

Truwud Bedroom Furniture is an exclusive and stylish collection of beds, bedside tables and floor lamps to help enhance the beauty and coziness of your home’s bedrooms. With modern designs and classic craftsmanship come together in this unique furniture collection that will turn any bedroom into a comfortable haven.


Let Truwud’s ingeniously crafted wooden beds inspire you with their unparalleled comfort and sophistication. From traditional upholsteries to stunning velvet designs, each piece provides superior relaxation with extra care for your body postures. The varieties of beds like king size beds, queen size beds & different base types are carefully selected for different-sized rooms, ensuring you always get an ideal fitment! And the bespoke headboard details top it all off with lush panache.

Bedside Table

Our signature bedside table range embraces both form and function in one single design. Minimalistic silhouettes, intricate detailing and dark wood; blend together to create beautiful pieces that can store everything from books to magazines or even decorative items like flower vases or figurines. Our range includes frameless, half-frame and fully framed designs so you can find the perfect match for your interior space, no matter what color scheme you have chosen!

Floor Lamps

Complete your tasteful ensemble by adding striking floor lamps can contribute towards creating a beautiful oasis in your bedroom where you can relax after a long day. Exquisitely designed lamps gracefully rest along elements of brass or copper — copper lattice work combined with contrasting hues speaking volumes on its own! Or maybe look out for our new mantra lamp shades among many more styles that promise to bring just the right amount of ambient vibrancy while being easy on the eyes.

The Truwud brand stands tall as a symbol of contemporary living through our commitment to designing furniture that exudes sophistication without compromising on comfort & quality. Shop Truwud bedroom furniture today and experience total bliss when decorating your most treasured private spaces at home!


We have a range of different bed sizes to choose from, including single, double, king, and queen. You can find the dimensions of each size on our website. 

The furniture is made from a range of materials including wood, metal and fabric. You can find out more about each material on our website. 

You can easily order a Truwud bed by visiting our website or by giving us a call on our customer care number. We would be more than happy to help you choose the perfect bed for your bedroom! 

To begin, take measurements of your room and plan for the pieces that will best create the desired atmosphere. Consider color schemes, as well as proportion and scale – it is important to have statement pieces, but also to make sure everything fits comfortably in the room. Accessories like throw pillows, rugs and wall hangings can be added for texture and detail.