Aristo Round Wall Shelf

Original price was: ₹9,999.Current price is: ₹4,999.

Beta Floating Shelves Set Of 2

Original price was: ₹6,899.Current price is: ₹4,499.

Bony Rectangle Mirror Set

Original price was: ₹8,999.Current price is: ₹5,999.

Boxer Wooden Shelf Set Of 2

Original price was: ₹2,874.Current price is: ₹2,499.

Bretz Metal Set Of 5 Wall Hooks

Original price was: ₹899.Current price is: ₹350.

Brick Tower Escape Staircase Wall Shelf

Original price was: ₹17,899.Current price is: ₹8,899.

Bruna Liner Wall Rack

Original price was: ₹3,679.Current price is: ₹3,199.

Cara Floating Hang Shelf

Original price was: ₹8,999.Current price is: ₹4,999.

Carera Solid wood Wall Hook Set Of 3

Original price was: ₹7,999.Current price is: ₹3,599.

Casa Wooden Shelf

Original price was: ₹8,799.Current price is: ₹5,499.

Explore Exquisite Wall Shelf In Bangalore At The Best Price

Thinking of buying a wall shelf in Bangalore for your child? Buy one from Truwud, Bangalore with affordable prices and easy returns. Get a wide range of offers as well with discount prices if you want to buy in bulk. Even offices now are getting modern and they want fancy wall shelves to match their official place and mark its authenticity as such in one way. The wall shelf’s clean stone and brass brackets will add a touch of elegance to your kitchen, living room, or bathroom walls. After all, the wall shelves can be used for any purpose from keeping your child’s dresses to storing your dinner sets and vice versa.

By now you were well aware that wall storage isn’t just for books, pottery, and keys. But did you know that wall storage can also function as a bar? Yes, you heard it right, this wall-mounted shelf, or we can say mini bar from Truwud offers storage space for your favorite spirits and a fold-down shelf where you can hone your speakeasy mixology skills. So, buy a Bar cabinet and get a Wall shelf too for your desired bar area in your living room or may a restaurant or bar itself.

Buy Wall Shelf in Bangalore

The wall shelf in Bangalore from Truwud is simple, affordable, and minimal, and will free up your desk space while looking sharp. Their slight curvature appeals to your eye, enhancing your decor while offering functional storage space that comes in small, medium, or large sizes. Truwud, Bangalore carries a nice selection of affordable wall-mounted shelves and this marble piece is definitely one of their prettiest.

Floating shelves are a buzzword in the design world for a good reason: They are easy to install yourself. In fact, they’re probably the easiest way to instantly increase your storage capacity without having to buy a new piece of bulky furniture. They also work no matter how much wall space you have since they only really require vertical real estate. Aside from making sure everything you need is within reach, floating shelves also just look great. Not to mention, they introduce dimension to otherwise blank walls.

Numerous sellers offer industrial floating shelves, but the one from Truwud, Bangalore you are going to gaze at will become your favorite the moment you will look at it. Available in weathered grey, dark walnut, or ebony, which matches your elegance. Handmade with reclaimed wood from pallets, fences, and barns, this floating shelf offers appropriately earthy storage for your appropriately earthy morning ritual. Add a spark to your wall with this wall shelf from Truwud, Bangalore.

They do, however, come in a set of three wall shelves and which is making them perfect hallway or kitchen storage solutions. This is wonderful, especially if you are looking for smart ways to save a ton of space in your kitchen as such in one way. While this beautiful cabinet from Truwud, Bangalore floats like the best of floating shelves, it adds a distinct mid-century style that few other pieces can invoke. 

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