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Accentuate Your Home Decor With Classy Wall Clocks

Accentuate Your Home Decor With Classy Wall Clocks | Truwud

As per our changing lifestyles, we all want perfect home wall decor and every piece of furniture to be classy and stylish. But, what about wall clocks? Do you think about them while considering your home theme or simply neglect them? If you are the one who was ignoring the fact of elegant wall clocks, in that case, you must look up to this article, accentuate your home wall decor with classy wooden wall clocks, and embrace your home decor.

Wall clocks are usually considered boring and old-fashioned decorative pieces. However, if chosen wisely, they will take your home decor designs to an entirely new level. These below-mentioned classic clock pieces offer far more than the merely obvious. They easily form the inspiration of any decor scheme and may impart a finished look to a blank wall.

Choose from the absolute best wooden and metal wall clocks and match them with other home furnishings to tie your entire decor theme together

1. Melanda Clock Wood Finish

There’s no shortage of modern wall clocks, but it’s hard to beat the design and feel of a wooden wall clock. You’ll create a vintage vibe with the old-world charm of a wooden wall clock design which will effortlessly elevate your home wall decor. These clocks can adorn the empty walls of a hallway and provide much-needed visual relief.

Accentuate Your Home Decor With Classy Wall Clocks - Melanda Wall Clock Wood Finish

2. Trevis Metal Clock 

Get creative and choose a metal wall clock that’s bound to be a conversation starter. This unique metal wall clock is a smart and sleek option for your home. Adding an innovative feel to your home, this clock will boost an empty hallway and bring an attention-grabbing addition to your room.

Accentuate Your Home Decor With Classy Wall Clocks - Trevis Metal Wall Clock

3. Blackout Square Wall Clock

The hands of the clock are available in four colours, Blue, Orange, Red and White, to match your room decor as such in one way. It is comprised of laminated wood. This black clock is elegant for your living room space.

Accentuate Your Home Decor With Classy Wall Clocks - Blackout Square Wall Clock

4. Compass Wall Clock

You can choose black, white or gold shades according to your theme. This is one fine, attractive piece of wall clock that will definitely match the decor theme of your room. These clock pieces are made to look classic, and hence they add an immensely effective look to your living room. 

Accentuate Your Home Decor With Classy Wall Clocks - Compass Wall Clock Black

5. Rivera Modern Analog Wall Clock

Your guests would certainly be impressed by it. It would look perfect in any space. It is made of mango wood with mild steel. It is simple, functional, with a round shape and magnificent design. 

Accentuate Your Home Decor With Classy Wall Clocks - Rivera Modern Analog Wall Clock

6. Klement Two Sided Wall Clock

This wall clock pattern will result in a big art piece and is certainly going to draw the attention of whoever enters your living room. Double-sided clocks always add a retro look to space. It is super stylish and will look best in large living rooms because of its double-sided view. 

Accentuate Your Home Decor With Classy Wall Clocks - Klement Two Sided Wall Clock

7. Zubair Wall Clock

This wall clock makes your room look fashionable instantly. Clocks in circular shapes look very elegant. The dramatic design is an effortless addition to any of the walls of your room. Along with keeping you on time, this clock will also give your space a royal touch. 

Zubair Wall Clock 1 compressed | Truwud

Truwud combines modern-day style and old-world charm for your living space or any other area by introducing these elegant metal wall clocks. These wall clocks are seen as decadent decorative pieces. Whatever you get, make sure the piece is chic enough to be the centre of all attention.

The designs are creative and unusual, making it a unique piece to possess and showcase on your wall. They are special eye-catchers and hence will instantly become the focal point of the living room. 

Wooden wall clocks by Truwud are the easiest way to glam up your area. It is important to keep the style, goal and fit in mind while choosing the wall clock, so invest in the one that matches the style and theme of your house. For price details and colour combinations, please visit our website, Truwud