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Spring Into The Seasons With These Living Room Makeover Ideas

Spring Into The Seasons With These Living Room Makeover Ideas | Truwud

The living room is the heart of any home, and it is the area of the house where we tend to spend most of our time. As we transition into a new season, our homes need to be given new life in the form of contemporary interior decor. This makes a living a good place to start with unique decorations for the upcoming season.

So, dust away your old furniture and give your home a much-needed refreshing look with TruWud wooden living room furniture. Below are some simple ways to update the home interior, incorporating vibrant colours, sensational lighting and eye-catching furniture pieces to make a bold, bright change to your area.

These decorating ideas are sure to rejuvenate your house for the new season ahead. Spring into the seasons with these living room makeover ideas by TruWud:

Level up your lighting

Nothing can pour out the authentic look of the house more than the bright, vibrant colours of walls and furniture. But changing wall colours every season is not a good idea, but the table can be altered or rearranged according to the wall colours and the upcoming season to set the right ambience of the house.

One of the easiest ways to start decorating your living room to increase the vibrant and bright colours of the walls and furniture is to swap out dark light fixtures with brighter and more authentic ones. Be it a tall floor lamp or a hanging lamp, this alone can brighten up the living room decor or your space even before you turn on the lights because of its perfect blend of sophisticated set that adds illuminating intrigue to the area.

Spring into the seasons with these living room makeover ideas - Cassowary Floor Lamp

The season of rebirth is the perfect time to astonish your interior lighting setup to reflect more colour brightness from your walls. You can do this with TruWud wall or floor lamps, available online across India. From coordinating night lamp by simply aiming the lamps towards the walls or ceiling to have a soft ambient light that offers accent luminosity. Brighten up every corner of the room with a warm glow with this idea to make the space feel more cosy yet spacious with a whole new light this season. 

Renew with TruWud’s wooden furniture 

So, after implanting lamps and lights into the living room, the next most important thing is to incorporate wooden living room furniture according to the room’s vibe, considering the lighting and season ahead in mind. Renew your old furniture with TruWud’s solid wood furniture and metal furniture for the upcoming season. There are many new furniture styles and shades available at TruWud, which you can pick up at a very reasonable cost to finish the project in just a weekend easily.

When you change or remodel a home, the old furniture doesn’t match the vibe and does not look right with the renewed part of the house.

Spring into the seasons with these living room makeover ideas - Drona Sleeper Wood Coffee Table

Depending on the home’s renovation, you may need wooden living room furniture that is different and attractive in size or style, furniture that addresses a different ambience in your house, depending on the needs and requirements. Everything has a lifespan, and furniture is no exception.

Frequent usage can wear out even the most well-built piece. There comes a time when it is best to let it go and purchase a new piece of furniture, and TruWud is best when it comes to situations like these. It is effortless to buy furniture online in India from TruWud. We design 100% of our products in-house for original style and quality.